39 Delicious New York City Foods That Deserve More Hype

The East 50s are basically a barren desert when it comes to food that tastes good and doesn’t cost as much as a plane ticket. The Eggs Travaganza truck (silly name aside), parked daily on 52nd and Park, is the desert’s oasis. An oasis in the form of fresh chorizo and hot carbohydrates with egg and cheese in the middle. A pretty good oasis. (Northeast corner of Park Ave. and 52nd St., Manhattan)

Eggstravaganza: the Eggcellent Truck Taking Over New York’s Breakfast Scene

If you’ve ever explored Midtown, you know the Eggstravaganza cart has been a staple for years. Recently though, the cart has been upgraded to a brand new Eggstravaganza food truck! This week, I was able to meet the man behind the truck, Arturo Macedo, the owner and founder of Eggstravaganza. His journey started with working in a restaurant 15 years ago and he’s been in the food business ever since, “A friend introduced me into the business and it looked interesting to me. So, I decided to start a mini food cart.”

Eggstravaganza Offers Eggstraordinary Options for Lunch

The Eggstravaganza Cart is trading up to a truck and it should be hitting the streets this week. Owner, Arturo Macedo, told me that he’s looking forward to expanding his menu in the larger space. The truck is currently being wrapped though it may be on the streets as a generic looking white truck today. Arturo is planning some giveaways (free food!) for the grand opening, which will hopefully be as soon as Wednesday, alas, isn’t going to happen for a few more days now, we’ll keep you posted with any details as we get them! As of now the plan is to remain in their regular spot on the northeast corner of 52nd and Park. Keep tabs on them via twitter @ETRAVAGANZA.

Formidable Breakfast Tacos in Midtown — and Other Cheap Eats

The city’s need for Mexican breakfast tacos remains largely unfulfilled, satisfied mainly by carts and trucks rather than freestanding restaurants. This van, which parks just east of Park Avenue from 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day but Wednesday, routinely hands out formidable tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, but a menu of overstuffed breakfast tacos is also available from early morning to the end of lunch.

Breakfast Tacos, Anyone?

Nestled on a commercial midtown corner for the past six years, this food truck (looking straight out of the movie Chef) offers the Real Deal: a plethora of BTs including our favorite, huevos a la mexicana (tomato, onion and serrano chile). In Central Mexican tradition, the tacos are on double-corn tortillas. Open 9–2:30 weekdays, with a grill run by a pair of siblings from Puebla, Eggstravaganza’s extensive menu is based on “recipes from Mamá,” says server Maribel. $4.75-$6 per taco.

NYC Food Truck Lunch: The Three Amigos From Eggs Travaganza

Can’t decide what to have for lunch? The Three Amigos could be just what you’re looking for. This sandwich has a little bit of everything.

Eggs Travaganza has carved out a nice little niche for themselves on 52nd St, just east of Park Ave, turning a solid breakfast business into a popular breakfast-and-lunch business.

The business is a family affair, with the brother-and-sister team of Arturo and Maribel Macedo running what used to be a food cart, which they recently upgraded to a food truck.